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Setup Developer Account

In order to create Apps on Deskera platform, developer needs to register with us as a Partner.

We uses OAuth 2.0 for the Authentication scheme. Developers must first register with us by providing some details about their app, such as email, callbankURL, and name.

Please fill in the following form below to register as a partner and obtain Deskera client_id and client_secret

You need to store this values with you, as they are one time generated values, central to the OAuth 2.0 flow.

Once all this is done, developers are ready to create apps on the Deskera platform.


Please note that you need to have a working HTTPS callback URl for us to send you the accessToken and authCode. If you are working on a local server, you can install ngrok and get a public URL for your webserver, to act as callback URL.